The 14 Reasons My Kid Refused to Nap Today

  1. His shoes were on.
  2. His shoes weren’t on.
  3. His hair hurt.
  4. What if he gets a cavity in his teeth while he’s asleep?
  5. The dogs weren’t napping (they were).
  6. He needed to trim his finger nails.
  7. His laundry basket was too full.
  8. Napping makes him throw up.
  9. He’s allergic to napping.
  10. The mail might come while he’s napping.
  11. He forgot to wash his hands when he went to the bathroom this morning, even though he’s gone to the bathroom several times since then and has remembered to wash his hands those times.
  12. We don’t have any books about napping.
  13. They don’t take naps on Blaze.
  14. What if there’s a volcano?


But we all know the real reason: I wanted that nap too badly and he sensed it.