Generosity from Strangers

In November my Insta-Mom status hit a 4 month anniversary, and we were still struggling. Tantrums were high, morale was low, and it was time to start investigating new resources and interventions for Little Man. Out of respect for Little Man’s privacy, I won’t share details, but the behavior issues we were working on were severe, exhausting and at times extremely dangerous.

I was at the Oklahoma Autism Conference one Saturday, and there was a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils sharing her experiences using essential oils as a special education instructor. I texted a good friend of mine who is also a special education teacher who I knew to use oils to ask her if she thought it would help Little Man, and we discovered that my friend was also a friend of this distributor. When I think about what happened next, this small “coincidence” feels more like a nudge of divine intervention. My friend told the distributor about myself and my family. I talked with her about the behaviors and emotions we were working through as well as the numerous interventions and therapies we were already using. She suggested that oils might be the missing piece.

And then she changed our lives. She gifted us with an incredible collection of oils. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I was hopeful about oils and desperate to try anything, but also skeptical–You mean I just put a few drops of this plant juice on my kid and he might feel a little better? It was hard to accept a gift of that magnitude, but we knew we would be goofy to turn it down. The only thing she asked for us in return was to actually use this gift. Don’t let it sit and collect dust. Use it.

About ten days went by from this moment until it all showed up at my door. I had done some research on how to use oils, which would be most beneficial to the kids, how to blend them and dilute them, etc. By the time the box arrived my anticipation far outweighed my skepticism. I opened it up and hurriedly shoved the business materials aside (business materials? I never even used this stuff before–I’m certainly not selling it!) to get to the goodies. There were 11 excellent oils plus one bonus oil, a sleek looking diffuser, numerous samples and quite a few pamphlets, brochures and other odds and ends. I read each label and remembered feeling pretty darned awed by how much hope could live in a 5 ml bottle.

Over the next few weeks I would like to tell you more about how specific oils have helped the kids in specific ways. For now, let’s just say that this has been a game changer. Are we un-enrolling them from therapy and stopping their medicine? Definitely not, but we can tone down the stress when our routine gets out of sync by diffusing Lavender, Joy and Lemon. We can round off the sharp edges of a big tantrum by applying Peace & Calming topically. I can have small moments of self-care throughout the day using oils that smell nice and make me feel great.

The generosity of a stranger improved my family’s life, not for a day or week or month, but forever. These oils are part of our regular routines, or emergency tantrum kit and our self-care. I think everyone might benefit from them, and I would love to pass on a piece of the gift we received to you, including you readers who are strangers to me. If you’d like to give this a try and get a Premium Starter Kit, use the link below. I can’t pay for all of it for you, but I can send you $25 (check or Paypal) to put toward it.


This post is dedicated to Stefanie Barker-Olsen, a generous stranger friend.


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